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Acoustic solution

Frapont is the world’s foremost provider of wooden acoustic panelling and combine expertise across acoustical engineering and design with world class manufacturing facilities. We are happy to offer project advice based on years of experience. We can also provide support by renowned acoustic engineer and a wide range of services such as:

  • Room Acoustics Modelling: using specialist software, to simulate how your space will sound, providing you with aural comparisons so you can hear the difference yourself.
  • Desktop acoustic assessment: on smaller scale projects where 3d modelling is not necessary.
  • Goal setting: Identifying the key measures that will be used to assess the acoustic performance of the finished space.
  • Material, finish, and treatments selection: Helping you find the right materials and treatments for you project.
  • Technical assessment of the finished building: Ensuring that the acoustic goals have been met.
  • Selection of several acoustic technical solutions based on your project’s specifications and budget.
  • Performing of acoustical tests in laboratory on 1:1 scale mock-up, with publishing of the results in several languages.

Frapont can design, produce, and install a range of acoustic panelling in varying styles for both ceiling and wall applications and combine standard and custom solutions to help make architect’s vision a reality.

Frapont has been working on first class auditoriums and music facilities, collaborating with famous acoustic consultants and engineers. We can work flat and curves solutions, with linear, grooved, perforated or microperforated timber panelling but also other solutions using fabrics or calcium sulfate, offering high acoustic performance and control.

We will take care of all the steps during the process of the project, and make sure the final works are complying with your original idea.
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Acoustic solution


  • Direct and personal with our clients
  • Study of the needs
  • Acoustic solution
  • Economic valuation of the project
  • Technical advice
  • Proposed alternatives and improvements
  • Application of the optimal solution agreed with the customer
  • Technical team connoisseur of wood and innovative machinery.
  • Assigning a production manager and project technical manager to each work
  • Advice, execution and monitoring of the project.
Acoustic solution

At Frapont, we are professionals in industrial soundproofing in Barcelona. We have been minimizing the acoustic impact that can occur in the industrial environment for many years. We offer you:

– A long history in the analysis of industrial acoustics
– Solutions for all fields of industrial noise
– We develop customised projects to suit your production process and facilities

Consult our experts and get the maximum quality and comfort in your company.

Acoustic solution