About us

FRAPONT is a company with over 75 years experience in the field of carpentry and wood decoration that unites traditional craftsmanship with contemporary trends.

We have a technical team of experts in wood that develops large-scale architectural projects. We bring our know-how with constructive alternatives, technical and economic, in we look for the optimal solution for our client to provide a full service of manufacture and installation.

At FRAPONT we have grown and developed year after year, in the process perfecting our work day by day, but without ever losing sight of the real essence of our labors.

We are an engineering company specializing in wood that gives technical solutions showing commitment to your ideas of quality and deadlines.

Our two main areas of work are:


  • Major works, theaters, auditoriums, museums, universities and unique landmarks.

At FRAPONT we develop architectural and engineering projects in their technical woodworking phase, providing KNOW-HOW and experience, evaluating projects and taking on the commitment for quality, price, and completion deadline in carrying them out. This combination of element has allowed us to realize important works with spectacular results.


  • Production of non-standard wooden furniture for specific projects: hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Provision of additional decoration.

We build and install furniture. Our team of professionals works closely with the client in the development of the project, offering the resources of new manufacturing systems, trends and improvements.

By the same token, in order to provide global service, at FRAPONT we look after complementary fittings as well, providing lamps, seats, and so on. We have at our disposal the best and newest brands, with the latest designs. And we pay constant attention to every detail and the need for quality.


  • Direct and personal with our clients
  • Study of the needs
  • Economic valuation of the project
  • Technical advice
  • Proposed alternatives and improvements
  • Application of the optimal solution agreed with the customer
  • Technical team connoisseur of wood and innovative machinery.
  • Assigning a production manager and project technical manager to each work
  • Advice, execution and monitoring of the project.