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Joinery works

Joinery works covers different areas like commercial or residential projects, a carpenter can manage many parts of a new build, extension or refurbishment. They also can cover kitchens, doorways, bathrooms, floors, framework, roofs, panelling, moulding, ceilings – basically put, a carpenter have a variety of skills putting them perfectly in your sights if you need to change some places in your office, home or business.

Joinery works includes remodel existing structures of different kinds and any certified carpenter will be able to:

  • Rework & Remodel
  • Installing Stairs
  • Create Banisters
  • Installing & Create Kitchens
  • Create beauty Framework
  • Installing Doorways
  • Carry Out Woodwork of All Kinds
  • Install Floors
  • Apply Wall Coverings
  • Work on Interiors & Exteriors
  • Install Beams

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Joinery works requires modern and of course traditional skills that can be done manually. It also requires that any individual carrying out Joinery works can read designs, be it from an single home or property owner or an professional architect. Also requires that the carpenter can understand building plans and work from them accurately.

At Frapont, every carpenter must have is the ability to communicate accurately to the people involved in any new build or project. This means that any project can be transformed in line to meet the requirements of the client – be it a home or owner, a project manager, or site manager. Things can be modified very easily during any kind of project that involved with.

Joinery works

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