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FSC®- Chain of Custody Certification Specialists

FSC®- Chain of Custody Certification Specialists

Frapont is FSC® certified

FSC certification is a certificate of environmentally responsible forest management, establishing a chain of custody system that verifies the path taken by raw materials from their origin to the final product.

The FSC certificate guarantees to our customers and the public administration that your company complies with the highest environmental standards in the sector. This certification guarantees that the wood has its origins in well-managed forests, which provides not only economic, but also environmental and social benefits.

At Frapont, we are aware of these environmental concerns and they are growing every day. That is why we are FSC certified in order to provide an FSC forest chain of custody service. That is why we offer our clients a consulting service where we accompany them throughout the certification process:

  • FSC chain of custody system design and implementation. We have a production and logistics infrastructure that allows us to handle and submit FSC products to production processes while maintaining FSC certification.
  • FSC internal audits. From the procurement of raw material to the final product. At Frapont we certify each stage of the material, this means that if the material is processed it must be under the established standards of the FSC regulatory body.
  • We offer continuous training to all those involved in the chain of custody system.
  • We accompany the certification audit until the certification is obtained.


“Frapont is an independent entity and certified by FSC® to validate any changes in the chain.”


Benefits of obtaining FSC certification for your project:

  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Multiply your competitiveness in the sector
  • Increase the perception of trust of your customers
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of your company’s activity
  • To help maintain and improve your brand position in the marketplace

If you have any questions about this procedure or want to know more about the FSC® certification process, do not hesitate to contact us!

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