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More than 75 years and three generations sum up Frapont’s extensive history. A family owned business that has thrived to become what it is today: a reference in the joinery sector and timber cladding with international experience and subsidiaries in 5 countries.


Frapont’s success is based on the values around which all our activity revolves:

  • Innovation, using and developing high-end technologies for wood processing and innovative solutions for the integration of other materials.
  • Our commitment to our customers and employees is what governs each of the projects in which we participate.
  • At Frapont, we are aware that wood is a scarce material, and therefore we promote responsible forest management and respect for the environment in all processes, from design to delivery. Frapont is a PEFC and FSC® certified company, we help our clients to achieve high BREEAM and LEED sustainability certifications for their projects.
Timber cladding


Investors, main contractors, architecture studios, acoustic engineers and designers put their trust in Frapont.
We establish a long-term relationship with our customers based on trust and professionalism.
We accompany them in their new challenges and markets, offering technical solutions to their ideas and carrying out their projects, always complying with quality requirements and delivery times.


Our team consists of 120 professionals, including architects, engineers, joiners, project managers and qualified installers.
We work in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, but we all share a passion for wood.
One of our daily challenges is to make Frapont a place where people like to work.

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