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Re-opening of the H10 Imperial Tarraco hotel.

Re-opening of the H10 Imperial Tarraco hotel.


The H10 Imperial Tarraco hotel has opened its doors in the historic center of Tarragona, near the sea and next to the Roman amphitheater. After two years of renovations, this four-star hotel reopens its doors.

The interior design of the H10 Imperial Tarraco is inspired by the Mediterranean and the idea of ​​a ship moored in the city’s port. The sea is present in all rooms, so the use of blue and white predominates in their design.

It is not the first project we did for the H10 hotel chain. We maintain a very close and profitable relationship. This time we have developed, manufactured and installed fixed furniture and carpentry elements in the rooms and common areas.


As we are already accustomed to this relationship, we are happy to present this reopening of the Hotel Imperial Tarraco, adding one more work to our history where you can see certain regularities in terms of commitment, professionalism and efficiency that combining them with the design style of each hotel and its designer on duty motivate us to respond in a completely innovative and creative way.

The photographic material is the property of the H10 hotel chain.