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Innovation and International Expansion

Frapont at the Forefront: Innovation and International Expansion

At Frapont, excellence and innovation are the pillars upon which we build our future. Our recent meeting with the Conseller d’Empresa i Treball, Roger Torrent i Ramió, and the Director General of Industry, Oriol Alcoba Malaspina, is not just a milestone on our path towards international expansion, but also a testament to the leadership that Frapont exerts in the carpentry and wood architecture sector.

The visit of these distinguished figures to our facilities in Barcelona highlighted the quality and global impact of our projects. At Frapont, we bring wood to life through processes that blend tradition with cutting-edge technology, ensuring results that not only satisfy but also exceed the expectations of our clients and partners around the world.

The meeting was an exceptional opportunity to exchange ideas and envision future projects. Our facilities, which merge the best of modern office space with the efficiency and precision of our workshop, received praise, highlighting our commitment to innovation and sustainability at every step of the construction process.

Why is This Important to Us?
This encounter underscores the public sector’s confidence in Frapont, recognizing not only our contribution to sustainable design and construction but also our role in strengthening the local economy through the export of our high-quality services and products. We are proud to be a benchmark in the industry, driving not only economic growth but also promoting environmentally responsible practices.

Towards the Future:
With a trajectory marked by innovation and a team that represents the best in its field, Frapont looks towards the future with ambition and responsibility. Internationalization is one of our main growth strategies, and this kind of recognition motivates us to continue working hard to consolidate our presence in new markets, always under the principles of excellence, sustainability, and social commitment.

The visit from the Conseller d’Empresa i Treball and the Director General of Industry is not only a recognition of our work but also a boost to keep moving forward, always seeking to innovate and expand our borders. At Frapont, we are committed to bringing the excellence of Spanish carpentry and wood architecture to the world, demonstrating that it is possible to grow and lead with responsibility and commitment.

We invite you to learn more about our projects and our commitment to excellence by visiting our website and following us on our social networks. At Frapont, we make wood speak the language of the future.