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New machinery investment

New machinery investment

Some positive news during those complicated times. During the last few weeks, Frapont has completed a renewal of its machinery park and took advantage of the sanitary restrictions to redesign the production flow. Movement of material as well as interaction between carpenters has been fully optimized. A significant investment of several hundreds of thousands of Euros in order to deal with the incoming production peak!

Frapont’s workshop can count now with the following new tools:

  • Panel dividing saw Homag SAWTEQ B-200 / OPTIMAT HPP‐200:
  • Wide belt Sanding Machine HOMAQ SANDTEQ W‐200 / OPTIMAT SWT‐225/RC:
  • Spindle moulder MARTIN T 27 FLEX
  • Sliding table saw MARTIN T75 PREX
  • Press with electronic control SCM SERGIANI 8/160

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