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With great enthusiasm, we announce a significant milestone:

Our move to the brand new ECC6 headquarters early in March. This is a small physical step but a significant leap from our previous location.

A New Era for Frapont: Blending Tradition and Innovation at ECC6

At Frapont, our commitment to bespoke carpentry and top-notch fit-out services has always been about more than just shaping wood – it’s about shaping history.

Tradition Reborn in a New Light

Our proximity to the old headquarters keeps us connected to our roots, allowing us to blend Frapont’s rich heritage with cutting-edge innovation. This move is more than just a geographic change; it is a reaffirmation of our commitment to growth and excellence.

ECC6: The Materialization of Frapont’s Vision

Our new headquarters is more than just a physical space; it embodies our aspirations for the future. Built on sustainable practices, ECC6 personifies our belief that each creation should be environmentally responsible and energy-efficient.

A Tribute to Our Roots and Wings

ECC6 allows us to honor our deep-rooted history in the industry while spreading our wings further. The proximity to our previous location signifies continuity and a commitment to our community, clients, and the craftsmanship that has defined us for decades.

Shaping the Future with Care and Precision

Our transition to ECC6 marks a new chapter of innovation. Each square meter is intentionally designed, from ergonomic workspaces that foster creativity to advanced manufacturing areas that ensure precision.

Innovation and Sustainability: The Hallmarks of ECC6

As a beacon of sustainable development, ECC6 is equipped with the latest technology to minimize energy consumption and maximize the use of leftover materials, reaffirming our role as industry leaders in sustainable carpentry solutions.

Stay Connected for More

This move is just the beginning. We will continue to share stories of milestones achieved and innovations underway at ECC6. We invite you to join us on our journey as we carve out new benchmarks in the industry and redefine the meaning of making wood happen.

Join us at our new address, just steps away from where we started, but miles ahead in innovation.

Caracas 6, 08030 – Barcelona