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Our contribution to The Madrid Edition Hotel

Our contribution to The Madrid Edition Hotel

A few months ago The Madrid Edition Hotel opened its doors in the Spanish capital, a few meters from Puerta del Sol, in the heart of Madrid.

The Madrid Edition has 177 rooms, 21 suites and 2 penthouses with the elegant, modern and detailed decoration of Ian Schrager. Frapont has worked on the materialization of his designs for the furnishing and fittings of the rooms. Fabricating and installing more than 227 beds, 431 bedside tables, 63 stools, 112 sofas and more than 340 mirrors, among many other things. It was a project with an extensive product breakdown, but we were able to meet the size of the order and deliver on time with all the products.

The bedside table that you see installed in the rooms is a registered trademark of Frapont, made in our factory where the wood was worked, machined by a 5-axis router for the housing of the electrical components. It was then painted in white lacquer to be subjected to pressure tests of forces.

The wooden framed mirrors in the bathrooms were also manufactured in our facilities where all the assembly pieces had to be sanded by hand to achieve the quality of detail intended by our client.


These were some of the hundreds of products that we had to manufacture, test, transport and install in the hotel. It was undoubtedly a long project, due to the large number of products that required a lot of detail and precision in the finishes, since each chair, table, bed or furniture was designed so that the parts coexist with the whole.