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In collaboration with Lucho Marcial and GCA Arquitectos, the award-winning and acclaimed Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, designed “Torre Puig” his first and only skyscraper, located on the outskirts of Barcelona.

The 90-meter tower is built to house the headquarters of the cosmetics and fashion multinational Puig. The project, with a clear vision of environmental responsibility, is among the 9 offices that have LEED GOLD classification throughout Spain. One more requirement that Frapont has met so that the building could have this high valuation.

Frapont has developed, manufactured and installed the cladding of fire resistant stainless steel panels, the openings and signage of the elevators on all floors of the building, applying different finishes as required. In addition, Frapont has contributed to the manufacture and installation of a large part of the project’s technical doors, developing and carrying out specific tests given the required characteristics, as well as the installation of more than 300m2 of oak parquet in the gym area.

Frapont feels especially satisfied and very grateful to this project since it was the first that we carried out with the LEED GOLD classification and it has given us a clear vision of sustainability in construction and has caused a very important internal cultural transformation, making us today Today in a company very committed to the preservation and improvement of the environment, thus applying it in the execution of all our projects.