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Inauguration of Saint Denis Pleyel Station

Innovation and Sustainability at Saint-Denis Pleyel Station

At Frapont, we are proud to have contributed to the impressive Saint-Denis Pleyel metro station project, from architect Kengo Kuma Associates and part of the main Grand Paris Express expansion.

Scope of works

Our expertise in developing singular spaces allowed us to design, manufacture and install more than 12’000 sqm of acoustic ceiling with close to 32 Km of fireproofed fir engineered slats. A big scale project, part of the new urban restructuring of Paris, for the Olympic games 2024.


The main challenge of the project was the conception and testing of the main structure allowing the support of the acoustic panels and timber slats, but also the design of bespoke steel elements serving as a flexible anchoring system for safety terminals, lighting and cameras.

Saint Denis Pleyel has been a demanding project for organization, logistic, material sourcing and coordination with other scope of works, key task performed by our team in order to minimized installation times and ensured a flawless assembly on-site.

Sustainability and Durability

Special treatments were applied to the wood to ensure its durability against climatic conditions and heavy use. These treatments included protection against moisture, fire, and wear, guaranteeing a long-lasting performance.

Social and Environmental Impact

The station will not only improve connectivity in the region but also serve as a cultural hub. The focus on sustainable materials and efficient construction techniques helps reduce the project’s carbon footprint.

We thank our client, Besix for the support during the works and the photographic material shared.