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Frapont, a renowned carpentry company, proudly showcases its exceptional craftsmanship at A Tower, a prestigious luxury residential complex situated in Andorra, Escaldes. Balancing technical expertise with commercial finesse, Frapont has impeccably executed carpentry works in the apartments, common areas, corridors, and entrance lobbies.

The apartments in A Tower boast Frapont’s carpentry solutions, showcasing high-quality products and impeccable design. Notably, Frapont has installed technical and fire-resistant doors, ensuring the safety of the living spaces. Furthermore, fixed carpentry with white melamine doors adds a touch of understated elegance and harmony to the surroundings. Solid wood steps complete the luxurious aesthetics, providing warmth and durability to the interior staircases.

The common spaces of A Tower have been embellished with tailor-made wooden claddings, meticulously designed and crafted by Frapont. These claddings not only add an exclusive touch but also enhance the welcoming experience for residents and visitors alike. In the corridors, carefully designed and placed carpentry reinforces the building’s elegant character, while the wooden finishes in elevator areas create a sophisticated and inviting environment.

Frapont has established a solid reputation for excellence in its services. The collaboration with A Tower represents another significant achievement for the company, demonstrating its ability to undertake complex and demanding projects.

At Frapont, we take pride in our dedication to merge engineering and craftsmanship with a technical and commercial approach. Our highly skilled team of specialized professionals has worked tirelessly to meet the aesthetic and functional expectations of A Tower.

By offering high-quality carpentry solutions and personalized services, we have become a trusted partner for luxury residential projects. The choice of premium materials, attention to detail, and strict adherence to established timelines are the fundamental pillars of our success.