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Welcome to Calm Apartments, a unique residential project located just a few meters from the majestic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona! Frapont is proud to present this extraordinary residential building, created on a turn-key basis. 

At Frapont, we assumed responsibility for all aspects of this exceptional project. From the carpentry to the execution of the work, from the installation to the fabrication of each element that can be seen in the images accompanying these texts, we have ensured that every detail is impeccable.

One of the highlights of Calm Apartments is the linear wood paneling that adorns the walls, providing a touch of warmth and elegance to each space. In addition, we have installed all the technical doors in the building, guaranteeing security and style in each of them.

In the bathrooms, we have carried out a complete installation, taking care of every detail to create functional and sophisticated spaces. Bedheads, kitchen countertops and HPL fixed furniture are just some of the wooden elements that we have manufactured and installed in the rooms, providing a cozy and contemporary atmosphere.

This comprehensive Frapont project sets a trend in the multi-family housing market. We have fully immersed ourselves in this challenge, demonstrating our experience and dedication to creating high quality residential spaces. Calm Apartments perfectly combines design, comfort and functionality, making it an ideal place to live in the heart of Barcelona.