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In 2018, just before the lock down and pandemic, the prestigious Barcelona Edition Hotel opens in the heart of Barcelona. Hotel like this there are very few. 5 stars surrounded by tourist attractions offered by the city of Barcelona, this one shines for its architectural contrast.

The architectural firm OAB (Office of Architecture in Barcelona) was commissioned to transform an old office building into a luxurious and elegant 7,720 m² hotel, the diamond of Barcelona’s old town. We were called in to design and equip the fixed furniture for the common areas, and in a luxury hotel like this one, the space density and importance to detail was no easy task.

One of the attractions of the hotel is undoubtedly the Skybar in the penthouse of the hotel. A wooden deck that gives a panoramic view of the entire city. There we have equipped it with low tables made of solid iroko wood with a type of spaced slats simulating the same deck but located perpendicularly.

In keeping with the same style, we also made the lounge chairs in solid wood, stained and varnished, which will later house the white futons. In between these two armchairs there are some tables that hold a tray also made of solid wood that we designed and manufactured to match the armchairs and the table. We have also developed a whole piece of furniture to store all the utensils and elements of the bar. It should be noted that all this furniture had to be subjected to surface finishes to protect them from UV rays, due to its high sun exposure.

On the first floor of the hotel we have developed equipment works in the dining room. We designed the integrated sofas for the diners made of plywood with a wood veneer tent that in turn serves as a table separator due to its flat half-circumference morphology. We also supplied the chairs and tables for the dining room, as well as the low tables and low stools for the restaurant lobby.

We did a spatial work in the bar of the restaurant, where we have developed an extensive research in materials to integrate them with the wood, which is the surface layer of the bar, but the wood is supported by a metal structure that is not perceived. Similar to what you see above the bar, a metal structure with a black anti-rust surface finish with brass detail that is fixed to the ceiling, leaving it suspended.

In the front section of the suspended structure we have installed amber-colored methacrylate plates that play with lights when the LED screens hidden behind them are turned on, showing off all the bottles that are displayed on the 4 high shelves. The first shelf step of this bar is perimeter forming a square, designed for the comfort and practicality of the bartenders.

In the lobby we worked on the same set of equipment, we manufactured the low tables, the armchairs upholstered in natural leather, a restored antique furniture for use as a minibar and fixed furniture. All custom-made and detailed, that is what ends up giving cohesion and style to the whole environment.

In the Punch room or Mezz room, located on the upper floor, we have designed and manufactured the billiard table together with its equipment, the box to store the billiard balls and its additional components. The particularity of all the furniture is that it was made with the same soft wood to contrast with the primary colored upholstery.

Finally, we have also equipped the club with fixed furniture such as a 4-seater sofa and shelves. The numerous tables and chairs we have also made as well as the velvet upholstered sofas, low tables and stools. There is a stage where we have made the stained wood cladding. In the bathrooms we designed and installed the mirrors with wooden frames.

It has been a very extensive and large volume project that we were able to manage and deliver in a timely manner thanks to the good dialogue and articulation between our technical office, factory and logistics departments.

The photos are property of Hotel Edition Barcelona, to whom we thank for their collaboration.