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The Drama Hall auditorium is now part of the arts and culture complex in the new administrative capital in Egypt. This new 500-seat hall was a completely challenging project, and a work with high technical complexity and acoustic requirements.

Would like to acknowledge Frapont S.A.'s great job throughout Project 5000 where the latter showed full cooperation, integrity and professionalism while the latter showed full cooperation, integrity and professionalism while implementing its scope of works.

Alber B - Project Director

In addition to the design, fabrication and installation of the curved acoustic wall panels, double curved balconies, false ceiling, technical doors and the stage frame, Frapont performed the 3D modeling of the entire hall to offer its client a complete preview of the project, and to provide technical solutions for the simulation of the acoustic tests of the hall. It is worth mentioning the uniqueness and authenticity of each piece of wood installed in the auditorium, where unique molds were developed specifically for each piece.

The selection of materials and their treatments is certified under ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) standards, in addition to the structures and all support elements sized under anti-seismic requirements throughout the hall. The unique nature of this completely customized project forced Frapont’s teams to also innovate in an exhaustive search for materials research in terms of anchorages, fastenings and finishes.

This is undoubtedly a key project for Frapont, as it is the first project in Egypt, because of its complexity and the technical uniqueness of its parts, but it positions us as a key player in the technical development of projects such as auditoriums and performance halls.