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Forefront of Collaborative Excellence

At Frapont, the synergy between disciplines defines the excellence of our projects. The refurbishment of the Palau de Valencia stands as a testimony to this collaboration, hand in hand with architectural and design leaders such as BECSA and Santatecla Arquitectos SL. The outcome is a space that blends historical grandeur with contemporary functionality, a reflection of elegance and innovation in construction.

Innovation in Sala Iturbi

  • Perimeter False Ceiling: We innovate with the installation of a perimeter false ceiling, enhancing aesthetics and optimizing acoustics, essential for the sonic excellence of the hall.
  • Structural Reinforcement: The improvement in the fixing of uprights is a promise of security and durability, ensuring the integrity of our work.
  • High-Quality Pine Uprights: The integration of top-tier pine uprights enhances structural resistance, providing firmness and stability.
  • Superior Finishing: Each project culminates with a superior finish that blends elegance and precision, elevating the architecture with impeccable details.


Distinction in Sala Rodrigo

  • False Ceilings: We design and install false ceilings that capture the gaze and magnify acoustics, contributing to an unprecedented auditory experience.
  • Curved False Ceiling: We met and surpassed the technical challenge of a curved false ceiling in Sala Rodrigo, achieving an unparalleled acoustic ambiance and distinctive aesthetics.

Environmental Commitment and Certified Sustainability

The Chain of Custody guarantee and FSC certification accompany all our products, including the emblematic oak parquet. This distinction ensures that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests, reflecting our commitment to responsible environmental practices.

Restoration and Renovation with Foresight

Frapont’s intervention in the Palau de Valencia has been crucial in preserving its heritage while introducing modern functionality. It is a perfect balance between respect for the past and adaptation for the future.

Custom Carpentry that Sets Trends

Frapont’s mastery is revealed in every detail of the Palau de Valencia. The meticulous restoration and creation of new pieces reflect our leadership in quality and design.

Excellence and Sustainability as Frapont Standards

Each project is a mirror of our dedication to excellence and sustainability. In the Palau de Valencia, this philosophy materializes in the choice of materials, artisanal mastery, and collaboration with renowned entities such as BECSA and Santatecla Arquitectos SL, all within a framework of environmental responsibility.