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In Frapont, we take pride in announcing our successful collaboration in the construction of the recently inaugurated Ersta Nya Hospital, located in Stockholm. Our involvement in this project focused on the manufacturing and installation of cutting-edge acoustic paneling in the hospital’s common areas and the impressive lobby, as well as the creation of bespoke fixed furniture. Throughout this collaboration, we have further strengthened our relationship with SSEA, a prominent Swedish construction company. Below, we will share more details about our work on this project and the fruitful partnership we have cultivated with SSEA.

High-Quality Acoustic Paneling:

Ersta Nya Hospital is characterized by its commitment to the well-being of patients and medical staff. Therefore, the quality and functionality of its spaces were paramount. Frapont took on the challenge of improving the acoustics of the common areas and lobby of the hospital through the manufacturing and installation of the acoustic paneling. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the significant reduction of noise and the creation of a calm and soothing environment, crucial to the healing process.

Bespoke Fixed Furniture:

Customization is a key aspect of any construction project. At Frapont, we design and manufacture tailor-made fixed furniture that seamlessly integrates into the aesthetics and functionality of Ersta Nya Hospital. Our expertise in creating high-quality furniture has contributed to the creation of cozy and efficient spaces for staff and patients alike.

The Fruitful Alliance with SSEA:

A successful collaboration is the result of synergy between companies committed to quality and efficiency. In this regard, Frapont is proud of our strong partnership with SSEA, and together, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver innovative, high-performance solutions in large-scale construction projects. Our collaboration on the Ersta Nya Hospital is a testament to the excellence we can achieve when working together.


At Frapont, we are delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Ersta Nya Hospital and to strengthen our relationship with SSEA. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and collaboration drives us to continue providing exceptional solutions in the construction industry. We look forward to future projects where we can continue to offer our expertise and work hand-in-hand with outstanding partners like SSEA to reach new levels of excellence.