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A Commitment to Excellence and Sustainability

Last year, Frapont proudly participated in the ambitious Malmö Courthouse project, an imposing structure spanning approximately 34,000 square meters. This endeavor was a synergy between Castellum’s property management, the construction firm PEAB, the visionary architecture of Henning Larsen and local architect BSK, reflecting an unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability.

In pursuit of the highest standards, the Malmö Courthouse has achieved the prestigious certification Miljöbyggnad Gold, underscoring the commitment of all parties involved to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Frapont’s contribution to this project was comprehensive and multifaceted, encompassing both manufacturing and installation of key elements that combine functionality and aesthetics. Frapont has made its mark in all 42 courtrooms, corridors, conference rooms, common areas, and lobbies, spaces that now speak to the quality and craftsmanship that characterize our company.

We managed the production and installation of technical and fireproof doors, which not only meet the strictest safety requirements but also seamlessly integrate into the building’s overall design. The acoustic wall coverings and moldings not only enhance aesthetics but also optimize the building’s internal acoustics—a critical aspect in an environment where sound clarity is paramount.

The Malmö Courthouse stands as a testament to human ingenuity and Frapont’s commitment to excellence. This project not only reflects our ability to collaborate with other big names in the industry but also highlights our capacity to contribute to buildings that are sustainable, safe, and visually striking.