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Located in the Olympic Port, next to Frank O. Gehry’s metal fish, it has been a landmark of Barcelona’s architecture since its inauguration during the 1992 Olympic Games. As an avant-garde hotel, it offers facilities that meet the expectations of a select business clientele.

In addition to the 482 luxurious rooms with panoramic views, it has spa services, swimming pool, fitness center, convention hall, bars and restaurants with varied atmospheres and apartments on the ten upper floors of the building.

In 2005 it was completely refurbished and Frapont carried out furniture and interior woodwork in all rooms and corridors of the building.

Currie & Brown was the construction management company, while GCA Arquitectes Associats was in charge of the interior design.

Frapont carried out work on the floor corridors of the rooms. It manufactured and installed soffits and entrance doors of the rooms in iroko wood, niches formed by soffit and corners in MDF finished in striped chocolate-colored stucco and consoles in MDF finished in striped black stucco.

In the bedrooms, Frapont manufactured and installed all types of furniture:

Vanity unit consisting of mirror with side niches lined with reconstructed oak veneer and glass shelves; top for marble support and sink basins; lower shelf with dryer basket, platforms for housing sound speakers and recess reserved for stool.
Closets. Four-leaf cabinet with maple melamine interior with light gallery and mirror on the back of the door. On the outside it has straight perimeter moldings, iroko crosspieces and pearly silver mirrors embedded in these moldings. The vertical handles in polished stainless steel are recessed in an L-shape in the edge of the door.
Magazine rack formed by perimetral frame in iroko wood and wild silk fabric back with hand-stitched leather carpet holders.
Iroko wood minibar cabinet and mirror with decorative trays in reconstructed oak veneer finished with whitish varnish.
Iroko wood desk with drawers, leather-covered recessed writing desk and decorative trays in striped silver leaf stucco with matching wall mirror. An iroko wood frame connects the minibar set to the desk set.
Headboard set consisting of frame, headboard, bed ring and nightstands in iroko wood.
Round side table in iroko wood with glass top.

All the elements made of iroko wood have a dark stained finish with transparent polyurethane varnish.

The photos are courtesy of the Hotel.