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At Frapont we are very proud to have carried out the Villa Inkognito project in the historic Sommerro Hotel in Oslo . This project was a great challenge for us, but thanks to our experience and dedication, we were able to meet all the client’s expectations and deliver an exceptional result.

From the beginning, we work closely with the client to understand their needs and requirements. We handled the interior part of the project, from design to final execution, as a turnkey contract. One of our greatest achievements on this project was the restoration of objects over 50 years old, which required a great deal of attention to detail and skill from our team of experts. To achieve this, we used special techniques and high quality materials, which ensured that the objects were restored to their original appearance.

In addition to the fixed carpentry work in the rooms, corridors and stairways (panels, molding, skirtings and more),  Frapont was in charge of the parquet flooring, the restoration and painting of walls and ceilings in the hotel including exclusive wall papers and also new doors. In each of these aspects, we focused on the detail and quality of the finishes, to achieve an exceptional final result.

This project was particularly important to us because of the historical context of the Sommerro Hotel in Oslo. We knew that we had to take great care in the execution of the project to ensure that we respected the history and legacy of the hotel. We are proud that we were able to deliver the hotel on time and on budget, and that we exceeded the client’s expectations.

In conclusion, the Villa Inkognito project at the Sommerro Hotel in Oslo was a great challenge for Frapont, but we managed to successfully meet all objectives. We are proud to have restored historical objects and delivered an exceptional hotel. The relationship we have established with our client on this project is very important to us and we look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

HENT, was the construction company that was in charge of the execution of the Hotel. Together with Greco Deco , interior designer and LPO Arkitekter , a dynamic group work was generated to preserve the style and aura characteristic of its origins.

The photos are property of Francisco Nogueira, whom we thank for his collaboration and predisposition.