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At Frapont, we are proud to announce our involvement in the prestigious Katarinahuset project, a beacon of innovation and sustainability nestled in the heart of contemporary architecture. Our contribution to the project is highlighted by the implementation of top-tier interior carpentry solutions, reflecting our commitment to quality, innovative design, and environmental responsibility.

In the Katarinahuset project, Frapont has been tasked with the manufacturing and installation of interior wall claddings, as well as fine carpentry work for iconic spaces such as the Gondolen Restaurant. By using materials chosen for their quality and sustainability, we have succeeded in creating environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious.

A key aspect of our work on Katarinahuset has been the careful selection of sustainable materials. We’ve employed Valchromat Black for wall panels, a material renowned for its durability and low environmental impact. Moreover, the project adheres to BREEAM standards, one of the most respected sustainability certifications worldwide, ensuring that every aspect of the project positively contributes to the environment and society.

Precision in the manufacturing and installation of each component has been crucial to meet the project’s expectations. From fireproofing impregnation to the replacement of anodized aluminum profiles with powder-coated metal profiles, every detail has been considered to ensure safety, aesthetics, and long-term functionality.