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Torre Agbar, another emblematic building in Barcelona in which we had the privilege of participating. In this tower we have collaborated in 2 stages.

1st stageThe Auditorium

Torre Agbar, another emblematic building in Barcelona in which we had the privilege of participating. In this tower we have collaborated in 2 stages.

In the first stage, more than 15 years ago, we entered the Agbar Tower to work together with the architectural firm of Jean Nouvel and Fermín Vazquez, architects of great prestige, to carry out the project of the auditorium of the tower.

There we were in charge of the fabrication and installation of the floor, walls and ceiling of the auditorium, which has a capacity of 326 seats. The space was clad with Wenge plywood, which gives the auditorium its distinctive style. It was quite a challenge to mount the acoustic panels on the walls and especially on the ceiling, at a height of more than 15 meters. We also manufactured and installed the access doors to the auditorium. It should be noted that all the installed material had to undergo acoustic and fire tests, extensive audits and procedures.

2nd stageCommon areas.

A year ago we re-entered the tower to carry out the restructuring of the common areas of the tower on the first floor. There we designed and executed the fixed furniture in the living room and lobby of the building. This project was carried out under the direction of Jaime Beriestain’s Interior Design and Architecture studio.

We designed, manufactured and installed the main table in the reception area. A table that embraces an interesting integration of materials using solid wood for the legs anchored to the iron metal structure. The wood was lacquered in a dark tone to blend in with the aged brass metal finish. A bright red Formica veneer was chosen as a contrasting finish. To end with the table, we incorporated the antique brass painted lamps to accompany the formal language of the table.

In addition, in the bar area we made the bar that is fixed to the wine rack behind. This fixed furniture took us to an extensive research of materials to be able to carry it out. We had to make several tests to integrate materials such as marble or leather cladding to show off the wood. The bar is structurally composed of iron, necessary to support the weight of the marble and at the same time to support the exterior cladding, composed of half wooden reeds covered with a leather fabric.

The wine rack behind the bar also has a perimeter iron structure, fixed to the floor, to hold the lateral wooden panels. The bottom of the wine rack is covered with a translucent semi-frosted marble that, together with the LED strips that hide the metal structure, generate a play of light and warm contrasts. It was an imposing piece of furniture, so the choice of materials and their integration was a very sophisticated task, since the wood, the marble and the leather fabrics had to match the whole environment.

Once again we proved to be at the height in this type of large-scale projects, letting our works speak for themselves, affirming our professionalism and capacity of execution.


The photographic material is property of Jaime Beriestain’s Architecture Studio, whom we thank for their collaboration.