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The new Biomedicum center, located on the outskirts of Stockholm, is a new laboratory to promote research and collaboration between different departments of one of the world’s leading medical universities, the Karolinska Institutet, which awards the prestigious Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Divided into 8 floors, the building has a large atrium that allows sunlight to enter the central courtyard, where there is a restaurant and a small green area where we find the reception, where Frapont has manufactured the natural veneer cladding and the benches that surround her.

Walking the building through the different corridors that lead to the central courtyard, you can see all the solid ash handrails made by Frapont, in addition to the cladding and elevator openings of natural ash veneer combined with anodized aluminum finishes to meet the requirements of the decorator.

Taking into account the size of the offices and the importance of the comfort of the workers, all the furniture for the complex’s kitchens have been made.

In the main auditorium, Frapont has contributed to the development, manufacture and installation of the acoustic cladding of the entire hall, the stairs, registers and vents, as well as the central rear cabinet of the stage, all while maintaining the clean and minimalist aesthetics marked by the client and the decorator.

Frapont is proud to contribute to the comfort of scientists and researchers at one of the most modern and prestigious university medical research centers in Europe.