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In the south of the French capital is Symbiose, a 57,000m2 office complex that is completely modern and contemporary. Symbiose consists of two independent but interconnected mirrored buildings. Innovative in every way, with an exemplary environmental profile (HQE and BREEAM).

In several areas, Frapont has materialized the designs of the prestigious interior design studio, Alberto Pinto. We have manufactured and installed micro-perforated acoustic cladding in American Walnut, Upholstered panels, technical doors and fixed furniture for the auditoriums and restaurant areas. Those items were subjected to fireproofing and acoustic specifications.

For this project Frapont had to carry out an extensive research of materials capable of meeting design and technical specifications, but also dedicate full attention in the manufacturing process, to answer the high expectation from the client and Alberto Pinto design studio. Among those materials, it is worth mentioning the use of specific fabrics for wall claddings that, together with their inner structure, form irregular and never seen before elegant surfaces.

The front desk of the auditoriums’ lobbies is made of American walnut with curved edges and lighting fixtures, and integrate a special art piece by Pinto’s favorite craftsman. The technical doors, finished in Oberflex veneer, and with high acoustical and fire requirements, were also manufactured and installed by Frapont.

Finally, the food court was equipped with partition elements, fixed furniture, fabric upholstered sofas with perimeter lighting and kitchen islands.